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Myles Standish Society
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Welcome to the Myles Standish Society

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World Premier of Desperate Crossing, The Untold Story of the Mayflower on the History Channel November 19th at 8 PM/ 7C. Review by Edward Myles Standish.

Membership to the Myles Standish Society is free until further notice. I apologize for how slow things have been moving along, but I am one person. I will be processing everything shortly and contacting everyone. If you do not hear from me in the next month drop me an email or regular mail letter.

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Our lost loved ones

I would like to recognize some of my personal losses in my family this year. First my mother Margaret Bemont Standish age 64 passed away in January. She was my inspiration for my research and in many ways my life. With love and affection she will be missed. More losses are my god mother Linda Warner in February, my mothers sister Barbara Bemont Fitts age 69, my brother in law Craig Smith at age 42 in May, my cousin Dale Perrugio at age 44 in May, and my cousin Francis Hickey at age 65 in September. This has been a hard year for my family, but I send my love to everyone and for those departed we shall miss you.


The society is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the Standish genealogy and history. We chose the name Myles Standish Society instead of Standish Society in order to celebrate one of the most famous Standishes. Captain Myles Standish was born between 1583 and 1586 in either Lancashire, England or Ellenbane, Isle of Man. This of course is one subject of much discussion.  Myles was one of the first people to step onto Plymouth Rock in 1620.  The pilgrim died on October 3, 1656 in Duxbury, MA.

Inside this web you will find a rich photographic tapestry, history, genealogy, membership information, a list of upcoming events, newsletter, and results of past events We want this site to be pleasurable for everyone so feel free to send your inquiries as well as your ideas.

We also would like to recommend and thank the Myles Standish Mailing list or Myles Standish group for their support and help.


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Plymouth Rock

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